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Rihanna Sues Topshop For $5 Million


The ‘Rude Boy’ star has gone on to file a lawsuit against retail giant, Topshop.

The top, which was for sale in UK stores only has landed Topshop in some trouble with the star, that trouble costing them $5million. This comes after Rihanna’s management team asked numerous times for the tops, which photo features from a scene in Rihanna’s We Found Love music video, removed from stores. According the New York Post, Topshop owners replied to the complaints of the stars reps with a negotiation, offering her ‘£5000 and saying they didn’t care’

Topshop buys images for their garments from photographers, however do not pay licensing fees. US laws would protect the artist, however in the UK where the tops were being sold this law does not protect the artist.

After 8 months Rihanna has reached out to law firm Reed Smith to pursue the case, “Even though the UK laws don’t protect the artist, she has decided to move forward and sue Topshop. She has spent almost $1 million in litigation at this point. She says it’s the principle, and wants to make a statement about it. They are taking advantage of artists. It is just exploitation. What they are doing is wrong.” A spokesperson commented.

The case is due to be heard in the Hight Court of Justice this summer.







The top involved in the dispute. Photo from Topshop


Written By Zoe Barrow

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