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GFW 2013: Epsom University


18 student’s collections made it to the catwalk, an array of different styles and themes throughout.

Tracey Sampson

The first collection, was a minimal design, complete with barely-there heels. With hints of fur making their debut throughout, found both on the bodice of pieces and peaking from the models shoes.

As the collection progressed the statement coats got stronger and a lemon yellow colour made its way into the designs, with the strong lapels and neck cuffs Tracey Sampson’s Collection was the perfect start to kick off Epsom’s catwalk.


Edelina Issa

The second collection, a womenswear collection designed by Edelina Issa was a grey minimal collection with fine attention given to details. The dark lip complimented the mixed grey tones of floor length dresses hidden under heavy wool coats. Shoes were worn under grey tights to give the impression of a full leg boot.

With fine draping details an audience favourite was the double dress, a garment, made for two models conjoined in the middle as they made their way down the catwalk simultaneously.


Maria Michael

As the first brown bodysuit graced the catwalk we thought we knew what was in store from Maria Michael’s collection. However this progressively changed as pale yellows and pinks slowly made their way into the clothes. Delicate striped shorts, and a tube like detail found around the necks, shoulders and sleeves of the male models. This contrasted the pale colours to give off a tougher silhouette. Coats were fully zipped up with large puff ball sleeves.


Sian Hulse

A grunge inspired collection, complemented by the lyrics ‘Grunge Never Dies’

Doc Martens made their debut on the runway, shortly followed by heavy knits and not far behind, the beanies. Stripes and checks were found in the detailing of the pieces. With oversized denim. And what grunge collection would be complete with the stripes and checks?

Zara Oxborough

An all white colour palette, this seasons favourite colour. Zara Oxbourough’s collection played with this trend however interpreting her own twist. White yet bold accessories and detailing. The tunic necks were high, leather textured and contrasted the models dark lip perfectly. Fur sleeves, mittens and pom-pom hats made sure this collection would fit perfectly for both the S/S and A/W seasons.

Sarah Venner

The details in Sarah Venner’s collection was what drew the audience in. The detailed coats with quilted bodices and netted sleeves had cut out pockets.

The colour palette made up of blues and reds  with occasional hints of white. The statement last piece was a textured, clear, robe-like coat which, when paired with the models rubber shoes oozed a futuristic vibe, complete with fine cut outs.

Yaina Harris

Oversized black silhouettes throughout, the first piece to make it down the catwalk was a large envelope shaped garment. A mix of fabrics and shapes were used throughout Yaina’s collection with one model sporting leather bottoms and another in a knee length black dress, complete with black leather appliqué.

Models were left simple, accessorised only with cut out Chelsea style boots.


Danya Sjadzali

An all-white collection, as the first piece made its way down past the audience the initial though was military supported by the gold buttons and shoulder detailing.

This soon changed into pale peaches and oranges. Complete with bonnets and oversized hats. Excess draped fabric formed into cloaks and capes.

Bright orange hemmed capes made sure the collection was on trend. While the shoes were also coloured to match the main colours of each outfit.

Brooke Curling

Models walked the catwalk to a playful tune, a remix of a classic nursery rhyme.

The collection, a perfect match to the music was full of bright blues, while the hems of dresses were lined with a scalloped white fabric we felt a strong Danish influence.

A statement jumper, created with a diamond embellishment bodice got seals of approval from the audience.

The outfits were accessorised well with tougher, heavier coats and brown worker boots creating a contrast of the dresses designs.


Lydia Cooper

A full body suit, fastened with a rope belt kicked off Lydia Cooper’s menswear. Using a mix of grey tones and creams, the cropped leg pants and waistcoats worn over shirts gave this collection a very classic feel. A neutral colour palette kept this collection practical and wearable.

The final piece, a shirt with the back printed using a hand painted, graffiti style look gave the whole collection a bit of edge.

Meagan Wellman

Meagan’s designs, accessoried with bold swirled, oversized almost ornamental jewellery created a minimal yet statement collection. The coats were well crafted with oversized sleeves to given an elegant look, accompanied with a swirled cut out clutch bag.

The collection also featured metallics, used in the fabric of dresses and a full length coat. The main colours throughout were a bold, bright orange found on the oversized, drop-waist skirts while accompanied by upbeat music. This progressed to a calm and smoother tune when the colours changed to a more neutral palette of greys and whites. White garments were given some of Wellman’s creativity by an arrow print featured on an array of pieces.

Hannah Rose Flores

Pale pinks, and mints gave Hannah Rose Flores’ collection spring summer vibe. The pieces were floral, light and summery while tops featured ruffling, and fabric flowers decorated the models front.

Delicate flowers were scattered over the coloured tights, the focus kept on the small features while shoes and accessories were kept to a minimal.

Metallics were kept to blue and silver tones, matched with the pointed toe heels and belt. Peplum style waistline complimented the craftsmanship that had gone into a particular pale pink two piece skirt suit.

Ruth Rossiney

Channelling the inner heritage vibe Ruth Rossiney’s collection was made up with numerous two pieces, tops worn loosely over trousers with a slouch. Mixed tones of brown, grey and creams the details were kept on alternative coloured sleeves from the bodices. The final piece, a camel bottom with a grey top coat, from the front gave the impression of a robe style coat, however as the model advanced along the catwalk the back was cut shorter, to give those behind the appearance of a regular jacket.

Melanie Pace-Lupi

Sophistication and a vast amount of creativity. Melanie Pace-Lupi’s collection was individual yet fun. Complemented with playful music, the first model made her way down the catwalk in a brown mac shaped coat, with a hole, structure supported with a wooden loop cutout under her right arm.

Heels were also crafted to give the appearance of a wooden texture shaped from the side as large wooden blocks that the models were walking on. The shapes were oversized, with cut outs supported by an array of wooden shapes.

One blouse was printed using a wooden textured appearance and one model toted an oversized doughnut shaped bag, worn on the shoulder.

Dunia Al-Bahdadi

A mixture of textures and patterns, this collection was inspired by the Middle-East, with interpretations of the latest trends. Ponchos and oversized capes were embellished with tassels and mirrored decoration.

The prints of the Dunia’s collection included a camo and Indian scarf print. Adding shape to the pieces and a military vibe, models wore artillery belts. Shoes also reflected the design, sandalled heels were decorated with a tassel ankle cuff. An overall array of layering and patterns, a collection that received high appreciation from the audience.

Bradley Snowdon

A winter collection, the wind and snowstorm soundtrack kept attention and focus on the pieces.

Large puffer jackets and oversize knit cardigan, combined with the sounds gave the vibe and feeling of being in a snowstorm. A colour palette of greys, browns and greens and a range of fabrics from leather to fur, the collection was made up of oversized and full body pieces. Slouchy fitting trousers and an oversized fur coat covering the face of a model was a highlight of the collection.


Hannah Williams

Suede-like materials, with a rough cut hems. The key in these designs were the colour combinations and fine detailing.

Highlighted under the catwalk lights, the tops featured an embossed design. A colour palette of lilac, white, pale peaches and blues ensured all pieces fit together in a perfect 6-piece collection. Chunky wedge heels matched the colour of the two piece design the models were wearing. Strong sharp cuts, and oversized sleeves paired with full-length skirts made sure Hannah’s collection had elegance and edge.

Molly Trubody

Models legs and blonde hair contrasted this all-black collection. The first look, trousers with a webbed leg appearance and cape attached to gloves showed the fine detail and craftsmanship that had gone into Molly’s collection. A combination of snakeskin, textured leather and black fur found on the bodices and pockets gave the collection a hint of edge and definition to the designs. Leather details were used throughout the design of pieces, found on the wrists and necks of models.

Heels were kept to a simple, black pointed toe.





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