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GFW 2013: Noy Goz, Shenkar Israel



Within Noy Goz’s collection the relation and inspiration of 1960’s desert fashion was really apparent. Using silk light fabrics and big gaping hoods to protect you from the desert winds.

This collection by Noy Roz uses rough and smooth fabric to create a perfect balance of beauty. The contrast of the rough painted white jacket and light silk fabric works perfectly together. The garments on the models created stunning silhouettes and the whole collection complimented each other.


It was a true representation of the quiet open desert. Without any loud colorful print it gave the collection a beautiful silence, it didn’t scream for attention. The red, pale blue, white and black kept it within trend and simple. It was a wearable urban contemporary wardrobe, which added to the desire of collection.

The textile and print made a simple collection look interesting and original. Breathtaking pieces by Noy Roz, an inspiring take on the wide open desert.


Written By Jenny Beth Goulding


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