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Balenciaga Sues Nicolas Ghesquière


Following a joint decision for his exit back in November last year, we thought things between Balenciaga and former director Nicolas Ghesquière was all hunky-dory, turns out we were wrong. As the former creative director is being sued by the fashion house for ‘breach of duty and confidentiality’.


Photo From System Magazine

This follows an controversial interview back in April during which, Ghesquière stated his reasons for leaving the label.

Comments that caused trouble with the brand included feeling he was being ‘sucked dry’ and that the role ‘just wasn’t fulfilling anymore’. Ghesquière also stated the label was lacking in direction, clearly not a fan of the their newer collections.

The designer has since been replaced by Alexander Wang, who debuted his minimal, monochrome collection at Paris Fashion Week back in March. Which received great reviews and approval from fans of the brand.

The hearing is set to take place later this year in a court in France. French laws state that an employer has the right to seek damages and payment against former employees should they make comments that could damage the reputation of the brand.


Written by Zoe Barrow







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