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The Model’s Guide by Rachel Woods



models_guide_bookCoinciding with Couture Fashion Week is the release of ‘The Model’s Guide’ by Rachel Woods (4th July), now before you all collectively sigh and assume that here is another self-indulgent tome spouting on about exclusive photo-shoots and name-dropping parties you might be pleasantly surprised.


Rachel Woods is not a supermodel or a name that you might know but like many in the industry she is a working model that has made a career for herself over the past decade. Only a very selective few reach the heady heights of the supermodel league but there are many that have forged lucrative careers as professionals in their niche market.


The Model’s Guide provides honest insight for those either wanting to break into the industry or those at the start of their career. There are so many myths and misinterpreted ideas about the life of a model and Rachel makes good work of dispelling them.


models_guide_pageModels do in fact come in all shapes and sizes, while the media obsess over high fashion 5’9”+ catwalk muses there are many other areas where such requirements don’t apply, from Plus Size to character modelling, catalogue to beauty. Rachel provides a good overview and the general requirements for each.


While modelling is primarily an image focused role she gives some great advice about the importance of personality, presence and being a generally pleasant individual to get along with to help book that job. Patience is another attribute you have to have in spades as filming/ shoots involve a lot of prep and hanging around.


Rachel also advises that a good dose of common sense, a positive attitude and good humour are also valuable qualities, after all models are required to do uncomfortable things like – hold strange body contorting poses, look happy in summer clothing when it’s freezing cold and wear designs that they wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy!


Other chapters in the book advise on how to get work, agencies and what to expect, arranging your book (portfolio) being prepared for jobs, having a healthy attitude about your looks and body plus much more. The book also includes tips and advice from industry experts such as other models, make-up artist and photographers.




The Model’s Guide provides an essential introduction to those wanting to seriously break into the industry. Honest and full of useful information the book carefully balances the realities of the industry with the aspirational side of a career as a model.


The Model’s Guide by Rachel Woods is published by Thistle Publishing from 4th July 2013.




Left: Author and model Rachel Woods


Review by JoJo Iles

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