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David Gandy Talks Fashion


The event was exclusively organised for fashion’s premier members club, The Industry with everyone from Harold Tillman, Bally’s creative director Michael Herz, designer William Tempest, fashion and celebrity stylist, Rebekah Roy and author of Isabella Blow: A Life in Fashion, Lauren Goldstein Crowe in attendance. Talking to celebrated fashion luminary Hilary Alexander, David mapped his career to date, offering insights into the male modelling industry and his vision for the future of menswear.

“I didn’t aspire to be in the fashion industry,” the model, who fell into the industry by chance said. “I hate having my picture taken,”  David revealed, explaining that he had never had a personal stylist. “One of the best things about my job is the other opportunities it has allowed me to do too, like pursue my love of cars.”


David, who regularly blogs for Vogue.co.uk and also reviews cars for GQ.com explained yesterday how he sees other industries, such as football and motorsport becoming increasingly important to the menswear market. I like to bring a tangible element into fashion. The person who buys male fashion is the man on the street, so why alienate him? When I turned up to London Collections: Men, I turned up in a classic car. It’s a very simple thing – men like cars. Fashion needs to prove to men that it’s not scary.”

Cars aside, when it comes to his day job, David says it’s the females he looks up to. “Modelling is the only industry in the world where the women get paid more than the men. My dad finds this hilarious.” Naming Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss as his heroes, he explains: “When I first came into modelling, they had a team; they had a strategy. Cindy Crawford is the one that expanded outside the fashion industry, and of course, Kate. Kate is a brand. When I say Kate, you know I mean Kate Moss.”

So where next? Like Cindy and Kate, David has plans to build an empire. “I’d love to be behind the camera, or the creative director of a clothing line.”


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