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ASOS Will Stop Selling Primark Online


In early June, Primark and ASOS came together together to start selling a range of Primark clothes online at ASOS. From huge success after only a week ASOS announced the plans that they were going to double the amount of pieces on offer due to the incredible demand, following a huge sell out of many of the Primark garments.


Primark which has 257 shops all across eight countries including Britain, Ireland and recent plans for 5 openings in France, is not yet looking to branch into online selling, and aren’t yet looking to launch an online store of their own, denying speculation that the end of the partnership would lead to Primark’s own website. Primark’s parent company Associated British foods have announced that they are now choosing to centre Primark on a “consumer-based website”.

There are rumours that suggest the high charge from ASOS could not be reached through the collaboration with Primark, and that they had received too much “intense competition” from other shops, hence the reason to why Primark may have stopped the deal between ASOS and themselves.

Primark is said to be one of the high-streets cheapest and best brands due to recent rise in sales, up 20% in the last year. Primark is also expanding into France, here they will open another one million sq ft of space in retail by the end of 2014.

Caitlin Casey 

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