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Balenciaga Battles Against Ghesquière in Court


img-holdingnicolasghesquiereBalenciaga is suing Ghesquière, now currently creative director at Louis Vuitton, for €6.6 million as compensation for breaking his employment contract in an interview to System Magazine, in which he violated the ‘separation agreement’ that he signed in October 17th 2012. It stated that he ‘refrain from declarations that could hurt the image of Balenciaga.’ Quotes mentioned in the lawsuit consist of comments he said in the interview to System Magazine such as ‘I feel as though I was sucked dry’ and ‘they wanted to steal my identity.’ I think he most probably forgot about the separation agreement he had signed…

The court document says: ‘Balenciaga didn’t want its designer to justify his departure by criticizing the house that employed him. In general, the parties, knowing the hypersensitivity of the fashion industry to changes in creative direction, were forbidden from commenting on the break in order to avoid any detrimental effect on their economic interests or their image.‘ Which is understandable from their side of the argument, but according to Ghesquière he felt he was losing his style.

He didn’t reveal his reasons for leaving the house until April when he gave that interview to System Magazine. He stated: ‘It was around that time that I heard people saying, ‘Your style is so Balenciaga now, it’s no longer Nicolas Ghesquière, it’s Balenciaga’s style. It all became so dehumanised. Everything became an asset for the brand, trying to make it ever more corporate – it was all about branding. I don’t have anything against that; actually, the thing that I’m most proud of is that Balenciaga has become a big financial entity and will continue to exist. But I began to feel as though I was being sucked dry, like they wanted to steal my identity while trying to homogenise things. It just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.’

Balenciaga is not only demanding €6.6 million but also want publication of the decision in a variety of French fashion and business publications. The case will be heard at a civil court in Paris where Ghesquière representatives have until July 1st to prepare the debate.


By Natasha Owoaje 

Image via Vogue 


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