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The Big Bang Fair London


An exciting, interactive event, Alexandra Palace housed the London science fair, which showcased some of London students best work as well as the opportunity to meet employers and career advisors for information and a direct insight into potential ‘hands on’ careers. A hall of interactive workshops and stalls, the event attracts over 40,000 young people aged between 11-18.

The science event which aims to inspire young people from all backgrounds to study technology and science was a full on day, running from 9:30-3:30, the Palm Court held over 35 stalls and career workshops hoping to encourage a career in engineering ideal in informing young people on what types of subjects and training they need to pursue their dream career.

Fashion Enter were invited to hold an interactive workshop stand, to teach young people all about garment manufacturing and production. Hoping to spread the word on an alternative to university and direct route into fashion, via apprenticeships the Fashion Capital team were also on hand to give a direct insight and guidance into the programmes and latest training opportunities.
The Fashion Enter stand also hosted the ‘Want to be a designer?’ competition. Students that visited the stall, after learning about the full design process in making a garment, taking into consideration factors including fabric and who their target market would be, were given the opportunity to try their hand at designing a garment with the chance of winning a goodie bag.
Fashion Enter was overwhelmed at the entries and sheer amount of knowledge and skill applied to each design.
Here are some of our highlights:


(Top Left to Right: 1.Edisnaida aged 12, 2.Rafia, 3. Bexley aged 13, 4. Hiba aged 13) 

Production experts were on hand from Fashion Enter to explain the garment life cycle and give students a deeper understanding into the behind the scenes of garment manufacturing and the amount of creativity and workmanship that goes into each design. Many students were shocked to hear that clothing production took place in the UK, excited at the prospect of their high street labels being made so close to home.

“I’m so surprised”
“The Factory is right near my home”

The day was another of Fashion Enter’s ongoing work and support into education and training.

For more information on the next Big Bang event please see link below: http://nearme.thebigbangfair.co.uk/London/London/


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