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Timberland Prepares to Open Global Store


The design of this global store will be the first worldwide flagship designed in order to convey a complete brand experience. It will present an entirely renovated image. Mariano Alonso, VP sales Timberland EMEA to sportswear International said, “It will present a very unique environment and will be completely bespoke.”


The aim of its redesign is to show a unique store experience and communicate the consumer the whole brands re-tuned identity and evolution.

The brands authentic yellow boot heritage has been evolving towards new shoe models and vulcanized rubber sneakers that maintain typical elements…and also new shoe silhouettes, lightweight materials and new material mixes such as leather, fabric, and contrasting colour piping.

Timberland has also announced they plan to open 100 new stores, mostly in Europe, also aiming to expand to Russia, Turkey, Middle East and South Africa by the end of 2014.

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