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Emerging designer – Raisa Kok


Indulging in the world of fashion was an enjoyable past time for Raisa as a young girl, who discovered her initial fascination for garments via high-end editorials, displayed amid glossy publications. Encompassing her beloved exploration for all things decretive was something Kok adopted during her four years at university, where she quickly discovered the transformative nature of textiles, embroidery, and adornment.

The designer’s graduation collection was utterly compelling, so much so, Raisa’s impressive display of dexterities led her to achieve nominations for two art and fashion awards. Milan Menswear Fashion Week 2018 was the creative platform in which her collection was presented for the Mittelmoda Fashion Award. Her works have additionally participated in an array of other events, including the International Youth Design Competition in Beijing, China organised by the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. It was here where she triumphed, attaining the award for Outstanding Winner.

raisa kok comp winner 2017

(International Youth Design Competition in Beijing)

‘Not Another Camelot’ is the title of Raisa’s latest collection, which is an opulent ode to her loving discovery of decorations and textiles, creative practices she acquired as a Fashion and Design student. Exploiting her greatest strength through the means of adornment not only transpire as delectable but attain a function that carries a meaning. Pattern-seeking is just one of the many variations of decorations that have been applied throughout her garments, with a riot of vibrant colours acting as the pure ornament.

raisa kok line up

(Raisa’s graduate collection)

The several fabrications used are significant factors within Raisa’s work, as she expresses, “In my opinion craft lies in exploring and exploiting all the possibilities inherent in the material.” A distorted aesthetic is witnessed throughout, with garments appearing somewhat deconstructed and then artfully edited into innovative, original creations. A dichotomy of materials and techniques result in tasteful, complete looks that are as idiosyncratic as they are charming.

raisa kok 2 by peter stigter

(On the catwalk images by Peter Stigter)

Tops with oversized and exaggerated folding pleats are styled with a chest cluster of botanical, feathered corsages; jackets are festooned with contradictory patterns, peplums, and embellishments, whilst a contrasting top and bottom jacket is beautifully decorated in a scene of stunning potted flowers and scatterings of cakes, which makes for a collection standout.

Images courtesy of Raisa Kok, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem and Peter Stigter

Words by Katie Farley

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