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Paris Designer Focus: Simon Albo


The twenty-nine-year-old began his education embarking on a degree in landscape architecture and despite acknowledging that this was not his lifetime passion, obvious traits of the craft are creatively reflected in his sculptural-inspired design masterpieces.

paris simon albo 1

Simon Albo may not be a name that is familiar amid fashions lexicon, yet his creative dexterities that are used in impressive abundance within his design showpieces is something to keep an eye out for in the future. The upcoming (soon to be) influencer takes his inspiration from nature, feelings, and friendships and claims to dislike the term ‘fashion’. He has previously engaged in an array of artistic experiences including painting and music but at present is channelling his energy into presenting couture collections that fabulously radiate fantasy-esque, melodramatic and characteristic aesthetics.

paris simon albo 2

Albo’s latest couture 2017 collection, ‘Metalys’, is described as ‘an imagination that sometimes disturbs’ and submerges the onlooker into an abyssal atmosphere. Stimulating every inch of creativity, the collection sees a display of unorthodox masks that presents a sense of solidarity between the ‘an imagination coming of the darkest abysses, and a real draft of oxygen and eccentricity.’ The artist further illustrates that although the world we live in can at times appear dark and inhospitable, there are human beings presenting eternal light and hope.

paris simon albo 3

Fragile fabrications and details are constructed into overtly theatrical and statement silhouettes that undeniably evoke a wow factor.

Words by Katie Farley

Images courtesy of Simon Albo

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