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Jenny Holloway Talks Curve Balls & Career Moves in an Inspiring Podcast


Inspiring Women Interviews Jenny

Amanda Alexander comments: “I am excited about sharing this latest episode of the Inspiring Women Interviews podcast, as I know it’s really going to inspire you.

“I met Jenny Holloway at the finals of our Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards in Leeds. We got chatting in the queue to get into the event venue and hit it off immediately. We had to drag ourselves away from each other when it was time to be seated at different tables! Jenny had already won our Social Enterprise of the Year Award for the South East region and I was delighted when she bagged the overall national award.”

After the awards Amanda invited Jenny to be an interviewee for an episode on her Inspiring Women Interviews podcast. The aim of the show is twofold: To encourage and inspire.

For those that know Jenny her life and career make for a gripping story. With so many knock-backs and those curve balls that make you re-think and change tack. Now the CEO of Fashion Enter, a not for profit, social enterprise, a centre of excellence for development of skills within the fashion and textiles industry, Jenny opens up about those obstacles and how she overcomes them to make a difference to the lives of the women she employs and trains.

On facing the accountant when finances had hit rock bottom she says:

“I remember holding my chin, because it was wobbling so much in that meeting, that I actually had to leave, because I was going to burst into floods of tears. I actually didn’t know what to do.”


“You just have to find a way in life. I kept falling over. I would brush myself down, and I’d go back in there with a smile, slightly a grimace, not necessarily a smile. I would go back in there.”

The fact is, we are all thrown curve balls in our life at some point – NONE of us will escape unscathed, but when we learn to overcome adversity, we become stronger, more resilient and more successful. And this interview will definitely inspire you to overcome your obstacles, big or small.

Here are a few of the highlights:

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