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5 Ways Blogger Events Can Boost Your Fashion Brand’s Visibility


Blogger events can capture the glitz, glamour, and values of your brand in a physical space, while setting the foundations of lasting relationships with important tastemakers.

Here’s some of the key ways fashion brands can benefit from hosting a blogger event:

1. Directly target your ideal customer

To get the most from a blogger event, brands should look to involve bloggers who write for an audience that matches their ideal target customer.

For example, to promote their latest range of cocktail dresses, fashion retailer bonprix arranged a cocktail making masterclass for a group of prominent fashion bloggers. The bloggers were specially selected to cover a wide range of body shapes and ages, to promote the inclusivity of their latest range. bonprix were awarded for their efforts with over 25 pieces of positive coverage, focused directly at the type of customer they were looking to attract.


2. Create brand ambassadors

Bloggers can be an important key into new markets, especially as studies have shown that 92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement.

By engaging directly with key tastemakers in your audience at a blogger event, you may be able to transform them into brand ambassadors.

Brand ambassadors are people who champion your brand and its products. Not just an ordinary customer, brand ambassadors actively encourage others to buy into the ethos of a company, offering promotion with unmatched authenticity.

This highly illusive feat can be tricky to pull off. To catch this proverbial ‘white whale’, fashion brands must forge worthwhile relationships with their most prominent customers. Blogger events offer direct access to these influencers, and an opportunity to speak face-to-face to build real, personal relationships that will last even when the event is over.

3. Boost social media interactions

There are several tiers of blogger with different levels of influence, so be careful to invite those with substantial social media followings who can give your event the widest possible exposure.

Create a simple, memorable hashtag for the event and inform your bloggers about it before, during, and after the event to encourage its use.

If you invite enough bloggers with a big enough social media clout – who knows? – you could even get your hashtag trending locally or nationally to spread the word to thousands across the country.

4. Create cost effective coverage

Launching an effective PR campaign can be expensive, and while they can yield extensive exposure in large publications, many fail to convert this attention into sales.

Blogger events, on the other hand, can prove to be a cost-effective method of getting your name in front of the readers that matter – such as people who follow bloggers for sartorial inspiration.

A sure-fire way to achieve positive coverage and links to your website from bloggers who attend your event is to have a photographer on hand to take pictures of the action. After the event, you can send these images over to help them produce their own write-up and voila, positive, targeted coverage.


5. Create a buzz with giveaways

Blogger events can help create a buzz around a new product launch or new season by providing a spectacle that gets people talking. A unique gift for attendees can also build excitement, especially if it’s rare enough to make non-attendees envious about missing out.

Creating limited edition items to give away to attendees can help stimulate online interest, for example, streetwear brand Supreme gave away limited edition branded beach balls to coincide with the release of their summer season in 2015. These novelty freebies became extremely sought after (fetching high prices on online auction sites afterward), and were referenced widely on social media following the event.

Like all marketing channels, blogger events are only effective if they are properly planned and well executed. Try to think of an event that will inspire your audience to share their experiences – whether it’s classes, glamorous evenings at top nightlife destinations, or photoshoots at spectacular locations.

Invest time in finding successful events in your market for inspiration, then meticulously plan your guest list to ensure you’re inviting bloggers who share your brand values, and who possess influential readerships and social media platforms to help your brand reach the right people.

Images courtesy of the bonprix cocktail making masterclass for fashion bloggers 

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