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My First Time Fashion Week Experience


sophia lfw outside venue feb17‘In February I had the incredible opportunity to attend London Fashion Week, watch a plethora of shows and write a runway report, all owing to FashionCapital. I entered a competition held by FashionCapital that offered the opportunity to report on the event. It has always been a dream of mine to attend London Fashion Week, and so I was absolutely ecstatic when I found out that I had won. As an aspiring fashion designer it was so motivating to be included in the industry for the day and experience the world that I wish to be a part of.

‘On Saturday 18th February, I (Sophia at the venue pictured right) went to London Fashion Week, accompanying the team from FashionCapital. My ensemble for the day consisted of a pair of jeans and a black knit top with a cutout at the back and a bow fastening around the waist. I partnered this with thigh high black suede boots and gold hoop earrings for a minimalistic yet stylish look. When I arrived at the event, however, it became clear that absolutely anything is acceptable. I saw people wearing ensembles ranging from formal dresses and tailored suits to hoodies and sportswear.

sophia on lfw feb17‘I attended an event held by Fashion Scout, in which they showcased both emerging and established designers from around the world. The event was held at the Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden, a beautiful art deco building that provided an incredible backdrop for the collections, contributing to the grandeur of the experience with its large bronze doors, detailed paintings and ornate ceiling mosaics. The showcases that I viewed included: Ashley Isham, Ceci, Katie Ann McGuigan, Sabinna, Dans La Vie Rira Sugaware, Fashion DNA Pakistan and Mimi Tran (pictured left, whose collection I reported on).

‘Fashion week was incredibly lively. Photographers surrounded the venue and the air buzzed with excitement as everyone queued outside. We hectically rushed from one show to another, barely managing to squeeze in a small lunch break, and I had to quickly write my report on the Mimi Tran show on my phone, all the while worrying about my rapidly dying battery. I feel so lucky to have seen so many shows in just one day, and to have been surrounded by people who share the same enthusiasm for fashion that I have.

‘It was so exciting to be able to experience the fashion industry from the inside. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience and I cannot thank FashionCapital enough for giving me the opportunity to attend London Fashion Week with their team for the day.’

To read Sophia’s Mimi Tran show report click here.

By Sophia F Koumis

Catwalk image by Chris Daw

sophia lfw fashion scout venue

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