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Fashion Enter Joins the EEF Virtual Manufacturers’ Brexit Panel


eef brexit 1With a focus on MP’s and peers who are familiar with manufacturing and are sitting on the key Select Committees that are examining the UK’s likely negotiating objectives for withdrawal from the EU, the EEF are keen to highlight the sectors priorities, including access to key markets for goods and services in the EU and beyond. The aim is to ensure regulatory certainty, addressing the skills gap and a domestic policy focused on enhancing investment and supporting productivity.

Fashion Enter have been invited and have agreed to take part in the EEF Virtual Manufacturers’ Brexit Panel. Brexit has thrown up significant challenges for manufacturers. As a voice in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels, the EEF aims to provide policy insights and represent manufacturers’ views at the highest level.

eef jenny hollowayThe Prime Minister has now set out a 12-point plan for on the government’s negotiating objectives for exiting the EU and the new relationship it will be seeking with the European Union. The 12 point plan included a commitment to secure a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, a new customs agreement, a phased process of transition involving an orderly exit from the European Union, reciprocal arrangements for the rights of British and EU nationals, and a managed process across the UK immigration system that ensures the UK remains open to international talent. The Plan provided a view on the outcome that the UK will be seeking, but not the means nor an estimation of the time by which this will occur. There has also been a Bill laid before Parliament and the commitment of the Government to produce a white paper on its negotiation priorities. 

The answers and views supplied Fashion Enter (CEO Jenny Holloway pictured left), along with many other British based manufacturing businesses, will enable the EEF to build a compelling case and a robust body of evidence to ensure that manufacturers’ priorities are feed into the highest levels of the UK Government.

To find out more about the EEF and what they do click here.

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