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Rebecca Minkoff Embraces the All


rebecca minkoffThis February New York based brand Rebecca Minkoff (the eponymous designer pictured right) will be showcasing her see now, buy now show in Los Angeles with the aim to give the consumer the full Rebecca Minkoff experience. Showcasing at Rick Caruso’s award-winning retail, dining and lifestyle destination; The Grove, the full runway show will be shoppable immediately following the presentation.

“Last season, when we took our show to the streets of SoHo, we saw just how eager our consumer was to be a part of the brand experience. There was a three-hour line around the block just to get into the store to shop,” CEO, Uri Minkoff said of the September show.

“This season we wanted to take the experience to one of our biggest markets: Los Angeles. Besides allowing her to see the runway show and see the collection, we will give her one of the biggest luxuries that we see our millennial consumer craving- the luxury of experience.

“We’ve seen that our consumer loves the experience of attending our runway shows and shopping the runway, but is there an even bigger opportunity where she can have a full day of experiences hyper focused to her millennial lifestyle? We’re now looking at what our girl likes to do in her down time and we intend to partner with the best health and wellness, beauty and technology partners to bring her the best full day experience.

“We see this as a spark in retail, not only for us, but for everyone involved. Besides putting on a phenomenal runway show with great influencers, our aim is to create an inclusive community for the customer to touch every element of retail in a new, refreshing way.”

The February show will be the third see now, buy now show for Rebecca Minkoff, who pioneered the concept of immediacy at her Spring 2016 show. The show model has proved successful for the Rebecca Minkoff brand with sales at the store increasing 128% since implementing the new concept.

An increasing number of brands are challenging the traditional retail format and the show is now developing into a direct consumer-marketing tool and moving away from its closed-door buyer/press experience.

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