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The Reincarnation of BHS


Only two months after the last of the BHS stores closed for good, taking them off of the high street and away from their loyal British customers, BHS has reincarnated as an online shopping destination that will sell their more popular items.

Having closed 163 stores after the company faced a financial meltdown, blamed on Sir Philip Green and his poor leadership skills, which led to over 11,000 people loosing their jobs, the online destination will employ only 84 specialists.

It has been reported that 75% of the items that were previously available to purchase on the BHS website will once again become available to the British public thanks to new owner and director David Anderson of Qatari Al Mana Group whom work alongside a handful of other high street retailers including Zara and Mango.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 14.25.07Anderson said of the re-launch: We are thrilled to be relaunching this iconic brand back into the UK.  It had a loyal customer base with around 1.2 million British shoppers who bought from us online, and for our relaunch we have managed to secure many of the products they liked the most.”

Continuing, the new director shows his loyalty to the brand and ex-employees: “We were able to recruit the majority of people who worked on the profitable online and international operations of BHS before it went into administration… So although we are starting again in the UK, we have a number of advantages over a typical start-up. We are nimble and efficient, but with a great brand, strong customer base and a proven and dedicated team.”

British Home Stores new venture will launch on Thursday to the public, but will it be highly anticipated?  After a year long inquest and investigation the retailer left the high street should it return?  Or should it stay in the past?  Only time will tell…

(Image courtesy of BHS)

Words by Rebekah Litherland

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