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Behind the Scenes with Nina Baker


Nina Baker Fashion is a Community Interest Company established by Vanessa Blythe with the intent of helping individuals who have been through a 12-step program or any other abstinence based recovery program for drugs or alcohol.

Yesterday the label held their photoshoot for their new collection here at the Fashion Enter Factory. Surrounded by mannequins, bolts of fabric and busy machinists the scene was not dissimilar to the recent Chanel couture show, where Karl Lagerfeld brought the ‘making’ side of the business into spotlight alongside models in the finished garments.

nina shoot 1          nina shoot 3 

 nina shoot small      nina shoot 4

Fledgling label Nina Baker meanwhile has been provided with funding through the RAPT organisation, this will also include individuals who have been through the prison system and who are seeking a new way of life. Through the company’s activities Vanessa intends to provide employment and training opportunities for people who are often stigmatized both in and out of the workplace, Vanessa believes that with the right support all of these individuals are capable of achieving great things.

A truly inspiring story, Nina Baker Fashion is ‘one to watch’ – as stated by FashionCapital / Fashion Enter CEO Jenny Holloway.

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