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Designer Ziad Ghanem Prepares for Paris


Ziad Ghanem’s west London studio is buzzing with activity. Vanessa, his assistant, is dealing with orders from the Autumn/Winter line, while Ziad sits at a table sketching out print ideas for his sixth collection. From floor to ceiling the far wall serves as a visual feast, covered in tear sheets, samples and images of his latest creations. 

With his Spring/Summer 2004 menswear range designed, created and photographed, Ziad is currently in the process of finalizing his womenswear pieces for the collection entitled ‘Paris, Texas.’ Music, films, seduction and humour are just a handful of influences the designer has thrown into the mix. “The title ‘Paris, Texas’ isn’t directly linked to the film as such, I just really liked the vast contrast between the two places,” he says candidly.

“I like to throw concepts such as prejudgement into turmoil. For example, from a distance one of my polo shirts looks like it’s covered in a traditional pinstripe design but get close-up and you’ll notice that the pinstripe actually reveals a cheeky message or lyric,” Ziad mentions with a grin. Catering for our varied emotional states Ziad has made each piece in his spring/summer collection reversible, with one side more flamboyant in tone and graphics than the other.

Silhouettes centre around sportswear for the men, while the women get a fusion of 50’s shapes realized in tough sporty fabrics. Colours range from neon pink and silver for a ‘look at me’ mood, while quieter tones arrive in hues of pale grey, cream and muted blue. 

For Ziad Ghanem 2003 is turning out to be a great year, orders and stockists are up and his designs are being featured in glossies around the globe. Over the last few seasons he has been unveiling each collection with a static show off-schedule during London Fashion Week, but this time around he plans to show in Paris as well as London. The aim is to give his label further exposure to buyers that don’t make it across the Channel during the Fashion Week season. 

Designing his own label line for the past three years – Ziad has certainly put in the hours to gain his success. All the while, his controversial hand-printed humour grabs your full attention and insists, that in his very own words – “fashion should be fun.” 


London Stockists include -: Concrete, Knaves and Euforia.

by JoJo Iles

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