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Best Dressed Window in London – Sloane street


 Roberto Cavalli


While walking around Knightsbridge, one is guaranteed to find some fabulous window displays.  The elite stores are known for their fantastic presentation, and while they all have their strength, some shops can take it to another level.  They can please the eye and tantalizing the pocketbook with the most basic of tools.


The window dressing of Roberto Cavalli on Sloane Street uses colour as its weapon.  The vibrant colours in the window display practically scream at the consumer.  As the shoppers pass by, their eyes are drawn to the warm yellows, rich reds, and electric blues.


According to window dressing expert Mary Portas, colour is an effective tool for drawing customer attention.  In her book The Art of Window Dressing (1999) she wrote, It’s important to remember that most people, when they pass windows, are not thinking about shopping; their minds are elsewhere and its quite a challenge to catch their eye and their imagination.  Colour invariably does the job beautifully.



In the opinion of Portas, colour opens up the barriers and restrictions of window dressing.  ‘Because colour creates its own space and environment it demarcates its own parameters and creates a body of wholeness and containment, rendering it the perfect tool for windows which are themselves inherently compact colour instantly represent energy to me.  It’s so vital and omnipresent and luscious; it exudes joie de vivre so intrinsically sensual and alive.’  In other words, colour can make a statement, regardless of the size of the window display.


However, the display given by Roberto Cavalli does not seem to be restricted by size.  Rather, the store certainly makes use of space.


While many stores use visual merchandizing as an extension of the shop floor, Roberto Cavalli has used the shop floor as an extension of the window.  The lounging mannequins are placed on the lighted steps, creating a stunning effect that makes use of multiple levels.  However, the repetitiveness and the balanced pattern of the mannequins still keeps the eyes focused on the colour that seems to burst out of the window.




The gorgeous pillows in the window not only add more colour.  They also reinforce the exotic beauty that Roberto Cavalli is known for.  In other words, the colours are not just pleasing to the eye.  They also represent a location of the world that obviously inspires Roberto Cavalli. 


Hence, the colours in the display are not just wonderful because of their vibrancy. The shades are well-used in this design because of how well they emulate the brand. 



Dacia Abel

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