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Minute Interview with Aimee McWilliams


Aimee McWilliams grabbed instant attention after her graduate collection ‘Sub Couture’ picked up the L’Oreal Total Look Award in 2003. The stand-out tartan army meets sex club look also bagged Aimee coverage in British Vogue, Sunday Times Style Magazine and The Face. St Martins trained Aimee gained industry experience in the design rooms of Stella McCartney, Raphael Lopez and Alexander McQueen.


Last February, Aimee presented her first London Fashion Week catwalk show at the Royal Academy under the On|Off umbrella. Aimee is also known for her flamboyant illustrations, and it’s these along with shapes and abstract images that form the basis of her latest Autumn/Winter 05/06 collection. Pieces include complex cutting techniques, contrasting layers of fabrics and a smattering of Aimee McWilliams details, such as; straps, wadding and ties. Light fluid jerseys and chiffons are combined with heavy wool, leather, velvet and fur. Tones are kept dark and moody – placing all the attention on the luxurious fabrics and exquisite cuts.


Here, Aimee chats about her London Fashion Week experience along with future plans for her exciting label…


Q Congratulations on your first Fashion Week show – how did you find the experience?


Aimee: I loved it. Had a good team around me and it was a pleasure to work with the guys at On|Off.




Q Any plans in the pipeline for next season?


Aimee: Yes. We’re still focusing on finances and sales at the moment but ideas are brewing. The way I work is a very natural transition across the seasons.


Q Tell us a bit about your latest collection.


Aimee: Primarily it was a development of cutting ideas I had been working on. It was inspired in its colour and fabric by a series of illustrations I had been developing last summer. There is a lot of information that can be translated from my flamboyant illustrations.


Q Do you have a particular woman in mind when you design your clothes?


Aimee: Not really. I don’t tend to work like that. If anything, I might include hints of a great film star into my early illustrations but I don’t think of a woman for the majority of the process.


Q You use a lot of fur in your work what made you decide to go with such a controversial material?


Aimee: Probably because I didn’t find it controversial. It adds such a magnificent dimension in my collections when you contrast it to the knitwear and velvets etc. And I don’t use fur to shock; I only apply it to a design when it’s right.


Q Are there any designers that you particularly admire?


Aimee: I think I’ve admired all the greats in one way or another. Take Westwood for example, I really admire that unique signature that is unmistakably Westwood.


Q You made the leap from graduate to LFW exhibitor in one swift jump how did you find the transition?


Aimee: It felt very natural to me. I’m very focused but also critical so I can progress at a gallant pace and learn from my mistakes.



Q Future plans for the label?


Aimee: My main focus at the moment is to secure a strong agent abroad to increase my stockists and international reputation.


Current stockists:


Aimee: Two See (Covent Garden)




Contact details:


Web: www.aimeemcwilliams.com


E-mail: enquiries@aimeemcwilliams.com


Press/Sales enquiries: horngyih@trafficpr.co.uk


By JoJo Iles









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