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Window Shopping Fashion


Dazzling sparkles, glitzy sequins, elegant crystals, all sewn lovingly by hand, draw your attention in the majority of shop windows. 2008 brings shop windows to colour with new looks and colours. Most people rely on what is in the shop windows and it is usually enough to drag yourself into the shop itself. With vibrant colours of this season’s fashion, shops are being bombarded with people just from seeing their most striking clothes in shop windows.

Mannequins model the clothes in shop windows and usually behold an hour-glass figure to make the clothing look most flattering. Topshop mannequins also include exotic makeup around the eyes which generally tend to catch the publics attention.



An accessory such as jewellery is also important when displaying the fashion of today to the public. They bring style and trend to each individual fragment of clothing. Using a variety of colour illustrates meaning to the look and it reflects the figure of the individual.

Busy, ridiculously oversized bags are the latest ‘it’ bags of this season. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a top of the range designer bag, because the high street has done it’s best to provide for everyone.  Last season’s obsession for a bag such as the Fendi Spy, Chanel, Silverado or Marc Jacobs Stam, means that you will be able to find high street gear that has comparable qualities.

In both designer and High Street shops, look out for larger bags than you have ever had before. This chic clutter-carrier is a must-have for would-be fashion icons.

Having a selection of mannequin models, which have different clothes on encourage more people to look inside the shop. More is better.


We see it everywhere, and you can either love it or hate it. We’re talking about leopard print. Celebrities have been sporting the leopard print look very often this year and some may hope this continues. It has now been modelled in shop windows and because of its artistic, individual look more and more people are beginning to wear it.

leopardprintwindowleopard print coat


An additional leopard print garment to your wardrobe may seem slightly daunting at first, however animal print clothing is not made purely for celebrity use, you can brave the look yourself and even pick up fabulous discounted options throughout cheap chic High Street retailers.
Although London is considered as one of fashions top trend destinations, dated windows can still be found throughout the capital.



Although colours and patterns are ‘in’ at the moment, sometimes High Street style does not always match the public’s idea of fashionable. But is it out of date or out of fashion? As much as the majority of shops sell ‘fashionable’ clothes, sometimes they just don’t display it in the shop window in the most satisfying way. Have you ever seen something you like in a shop window but hated what it’s with? That is the only downfall about displaying clothing in shop windows. It’s not always precisely how you would wear it and this can scare people away from looking any further into the shop itself.

Finish your window shop by going into the shop and looking at the clothes on yourself. Maybe they look better on you anyway!

By Shinade Sutherland


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