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#WorldBookDay Choice: Slave To Fashion By Safia Minney


slave to fashion

Headed-up by Safia Minney, MBE – an award winning and internationally recognised social entrepreneur who has 30 years of publishing, media and ethical business experience (People Tree), the ‘Slave To Fashion’ book and campaign aims to raise awareness of modern slavery in the fashion industry and show how it can be eradicated by businesses and individuals.

Safia and her team have spent a year researching and interviewing men, women and children caught in slavery in Europe and the developing world that make the clothes we buy on the high street. Compiled in factual, concise paragraphs the book continues to explore social enterprise and ethical businesses that hold the key to transparency. While the final chapter explores what we can all do as individuals to help eradicate modern slavery.

slave to fashion pages

slave to fashion joEditor of FashionCapital JoJo Iles comments:

“I got behind this campaign with KickStarter as it really hit home with me. The facts and figures are pretty shocking: 21 million people are victims of forced labour, 168 million children in child labour, $150 billion illicit profits generated annually. This is too much to ignore.

“When I tell people that I work in fashion many ask ‘who are the most ethical players on the High Street’, unfortunately it’s not as easy as ‘naming names’ however we can make an informative choice and vote with our wallets and Slave To Fashion can help pave the way.”

Along with the book, Slave To Fashion has launched an educational micro website for schools around the world which also includes resources for campaigners.

From 2015, the Modern Slavery Act requires medium to large-sized companies to report on what they are doing to eradicate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. If not, they need to declare it. We can all do our bit and Slave To Fashion confirms that action is well overdue.


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