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See Now Buy Now – Set To Change the Business of Fashion


From dramatic finale dresses to key collection pieces, a carefully selected edit of over 50% of the Topshop Unique collection shown during London Fashion Week this month will go on sale at Topshop.com as soon as the last model exits the catwalk.

Mary Homer, Topshop managing director said: “Bringing our customers closer to the London Fashion Week experience has always been a focus for us, but now, more than ever, in a rapidly changing global marketplace where consumers demand immediacy, we recognise the importance of disrupting the traditional model.”

And ‘disrupting the traditional model’ is a rather apt choice of words. With many brands available on a global (un-season defining) scale and retailers wanting to react quickly to consumer demands, key trends and even the affects of the weather, the traditional buying calendar is looking tired and dated.

Along with the ‘see now buy now’ online option Topshop will also host a pop-up market stall open to the public immediately after the finale where shoppers can get first dibs on the new collection.

Today’s consumers are indeed thirsty beasts that can shop at the touch of a button, the ‘see now buy now’ concept quenches their shopping thirst before the high street copycats saturate the market with their low priced versions. The concept also empowers the consumer as opposed to the buyer, who usually decides what pieces will sell and when.

Besides Burberry other brands embracing the in-season concept include Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford, or via special ranges from the likes of Prada, Courrèges and Alexander Wang.

Reacting to consumer demand with a quick turnaround means an overhaul to the entire production process but as Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion Enter, with a factory in North London explains, quality, fast production on home soil is possible. “Despite all the negative press on retail sales and the Brexit effect the Factory has been the busiest its ever been. Let’s remember the weather! The weather plays a huge part in sales. Retail is now selling jumpers and coats – yet we had some of the hottest days all summer last week. Sales relate to delayed manufacturing activity and sales in retail now are incredibly trying. Factories have to keep one step ahead and react quickly. Making for ASOS.com, M&S and new clients such as Mathew Williamson gives us an edge but it’s a thin edge!  All factories need to be proactive and dynamic to changing retail patterns.”

Along with in-season shows and the ‘see now buy now’ facility many brands are also merging men’s and womenswear collections bringing the selling season for both genders together. That combined with smaller and more regular ‘drops’ in product ensures that stock constantly changes and looks fresh. The traditional fashion cycle as we know it is being challenged and some say, as they look at the stacks of unsold clothes each season, that an overhaul is well overdue.

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