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Should There Be a UK Model Health Law?


In recent years France and the U.S have introduced A Model Health Law whereby models working in the country must possess a medical certificate deeming them fit to work. The certificate is obtained a medical evaluation by a professional that measures the models body mass index (BMI) also taking into account weight, age and body shape. Models without a certificate are not permitted to work, and if hired without the correct up to date paperwork hefty fines and a possible short-term prison sentence will be passed on to the client that hired them.

Placing responsibly in the hands of the modelling agencies and the clients, some agents feel that designers also need to up their game by producing larger sample sizes.

In the UK the British Fashion Council has introduced the Best Practice Guide for Model Agencies alongside the LFW Model Zone offering advice and support to models on health, agencies and safety. However, there are no laws in place to protect models working in the UK, particularly when it comes to health and the pressure to be a certain size.

While some say the days of ultra thin catwalk models is over others debate that nothing much has changed.  

During September’s London Fashion Week The Fashion Debates will be asking: Should The UK Introduce A Model-Health Law? Held on Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 4:30pm 7:00pm the debate will be held at the VIP hangout space – The Grooming Room.

Following legislation being passed in other countries to protect models, a petition was launched last year by model Rosie Nelson to call on the UK to do the same. To date it has received almost 125,000 signatures.  

Would a law really protect the well being of models? Would it put UK models at a competitive disadvantage to their international peers? What impact is the fashion industry’s obsession with a below average dress size having on women and would this law benefit them as well?

The Panel will include Rosie Nelson – model and campaigner, Candice Holdsworth – journalist with further speakers to be announced.

The Fashion Debates @ The Grooming Room takes place on 18th September at 4:30pm at Century Club. The event is open to all and tickets can be purchased for £15 at http://www.thefashiondebates.com/

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