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It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2016!


The photo and video shoot took place at Olympic Park, East London and was organized by Creative Skillset. Ten apprentices were selected to feature, three of which are from the Fashion Enter stable.

Apprenticeship trainees Razina, Maisie and Theodora were thrilled to take part and promote apprenticeships as a practical, informative and earn-while-you-learn route into a selected career.

apprentices 2016 skillset shot

Razina, Maisie and Theodora stand in the centre of the image

Theodora comments:

“On the day I met some inspiring young people that were also apprentices. After the photographer took our pictures we had to film our interviews and I spoke to some press about the training I’m doing at the moment with Fashion Enter and why other young people should consider going into an apprenticeship. This was for London Live, which was live! I was so nervous but I was happy I did it.”

Razina adds:

“I was pleased to take part in the photo/videoshoot for the new Creative Skillset apprenticeship campaign, along with a group of other creative apprentices. This was a great experience as I got a chance  to meet other apprentices as well as talk about my own apprenticeship.

“In my opinion the best part about doing an apprenticeship is that you are able to learn valuable skills  that are relevant to your job. As well as this you work towards a qualification which helps you understand your job in more depth.”

The photos and images will be used to raise the profile of apprenticeships and jobs in the Creative Industries and encourage more young people to follow the same path throughout the year. They can be viewed on www.creativeskillset.org – and will also go out to press nationally.

apprentices 2016 skillset press

(As seen in The Sunday Independent newspaper supplement 13th March)

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