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Level 4 Apprentices Complete!


The level 4 qualification is a challenging two year course that covers units such as:

Managing health and safety and employment rights and responsibilities within the apparel, footwear or leather industry, Business planning and financial projections in the design and creative industries, Leadership and people management in the design and creative industries, Strategic marketing planning skills within the design and creative industries.

These units are so insightful. They provide real hands-on experience of what the real world of buying and merchandising is about and you cannot read this level of information or detail in books! It’s about the doing side of work and understanding how the different functions of business all fit synergistically together.

New Look was the first company to undertake the level 4 qualification and since then asos.com has successfully completed four positions; two in buying and two in merchandising with another two jobs now being available.

Jenny Holloway commented “I am so proud of the teaching staff and the apprentices that have successfully completed this level 4 apprenticeship. This is equivalent to a first year foundation degree so it’s not easy! We have to apply high standards of expertise at all times and I am delighted to say our apprentices really are the best in the country!”


Chelsea Williams, ex Level 4 Apprentice with ASOS

Head of Learning Wendy Coley also commented:

“It’s been a privilege to share their highs and lows and what really impressed me was the determination of the learners to complete the course regardless of the other distractions happening around them! They all successfully submitted their final units while juggling long commutes, family life, their pressured, fast paced work environments and even social lives. Where do they get the energy? Must be the healthy food they’d bring in for their breakfast along with the occasional chocolate biscuits (sometimes provided by me)!

The apprentices have successfully progressed into a variety of roles within fashion including e-commerce, buying and merchandising assistants.

I will invite them back next year to speak to new apprentices at Fashion Enter, to share their knowledge and wisdom!”

Chelsea Williams was one of the first ever Level 4 apprentices. Chelsea was hired by ASOS as a Buyers Assistant and was even the face of the apprenticeship campaign –  

“I didn’t have the best of starts with my initial apprentice. The first company I worked for was not legally compliant and Fashion Enter fully protected me and then worked with me to make sure that I had a job that was really worth while.  I was so happy to be selected by asos.com for my apprenticeship. I love my job and the work that I do and during the two years Fashion Enter was there to fully support me  I was equally happy when I was asked to be the face of apprenticeships but it was a shock seeing my face all around the billboards in London!  I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who wants to work hard at achieving – its all about the effort you put in but you can make it! Just never give up.”

Samara Chastanet-Davis was also amongst the first cohort of apprentices to complete the Level 4 programme. We asked Samara a few questions:

1)     Why did you choose an apprenticeship?

I chose do participate in an apprenticeship as an alternative to university. After exploring the idea of university I decided that a degree was not necessary for my chosen career path of fashion and thought that an apprenticeship would be a great way to gain experience and really learn the industry.

2)     How did you find balancing training with work?

I found it difficult to manage working full time and training but I was able to keep on top of my work load by doing as much as I could in my spare time.

3)     What did you enjoy the most about your training?

The most enjoyable part of the training was being able to talk to other apprentices that were going through similar work situations as you and to see them progressing successfully in their placements.

4)     What did you enjoy the most about working?

The best part of working was gaining real experience in the industry and actually contributing within the business vs just getting coffee for people.

5)     What advice would you give to a new apprentice just starting their placement/training?

I would say to try as hard as you can to stay on top of your training and to ask as many questions as you can within the workplace, be a sponge.

6)     What are you doing now?

I am currently working within a jewellery and fashion showroom, and am learning so much more about the industry.

We are deligted to see both Samara and Chelsea now successfuly embarking on a career in the industry.  

If you are interested in the Level 4 Technical Textiles and Apparel (Product Development and Sourcing pathway) please submit your CV to apprenticeships@fashion-enter.com

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