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For the Love of Blog


Blogging has become the new obsession of the fashion industry, with respected bloggers becoming the new ‘It’ girls and boys of the fashion pack: getting the tickets to all the shows, receiving all the free designer ensembles they could ever want and having the much desired ‘celebrity status’ within the business.

Their opinions have become of upmost importance, with only the likes of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld exceeding them, and their posts can make or break a show, event or even a designer’s career – with a well-known blogger’s following boasting millions of fashion-devotees all willing to ‘splash the cash’ wherever the blogger in question sees (or rather types) fit.

Designers and companies alike are following the trend by setting up their own blogs in a venture to gain newer and younger customers, such as Topshop’s Inside & Out blog which features store events and ‘exclusive’ (that word again!) interviews with high-flying designers and other influential creatives, or Mary Katrantzou’s: Mary’s World – which focuses on all of the starlets who have had the opportunity to wear her creations.

But every blogger had to start with that intimidating first post, and blogging is something anyone can do – all you need is a laptop and something to say. With a multitude of different free publishing servers on the net, and a million & one step by step ‘how to’ tutorials, posting your ideas on your own URL is easier than you think…

Here’s my step-by-step guide how to set up your own blog:

Some good fashion bloggers to check out are:




http://www.ichoney.blogspot.co.uk/  (which is my blog – I included it only to show what a starter blog can look like)

Remember: blogging is supposed to be about you and your opinions, and, for me, the thought of just one person reading what I have to say, let alone thousands, makes me very happy indeed.

By India Hunnikin

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