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Khadra Osman Case Study


Keen to kick start her fashion career during her summer break, Khadra applied with hopes of going on to get a fashion qualification and an apprenticeship at the end of the course. 
Khadra enrolled onto the course in July 2013. Completing the course 5 days a week for 6 weeks, Khadra was exposed to what happens in production in a real fashion, work environment. During her 6 weeks on the course, Khadra learnt how to use an industrial sewing machine to create garments, how to fully operate and clean a machine, and inspection of finish products. Tutor Leyla was particulary impressed by Khadra’s punctuality and determination to the course. 
Khadra finished the course in August, and keen to get into fashion, kept in touch with Fashion Enter. After being introduced to the Fashion Enter Level 3 apprenticeship programme, it was clear that the production route of fashion was ideal for Khadra, and she began sending her interest over for roles. 

Khadra was successful in getting to the interview stage, for Garment Tech apprenticeship with high street giant, Marks & Spencer. After 2 screening days and some tough interviews, we were delighted to hear that Khadra’s hard work had paid off and she was successful in getting an apprenticeship!

“I first heard about The Stitching Academy through the advertisement on the Fashion Capital website. I’m really grateful that I was able to get involved with the programme during the summer. I was able to gain experience in a factory environment which I had not previously been able to do. My time spent at The Stitching Academy has opened so many new doors for me which I’m very thankful for. I’ve now been given the opportunity to start an apprenticeship with Marks & Spencer which will allow me to gain vital inhouse experience which I probably would not have been able to get at university. I would like to thank the tutors and everyone at Fashion Capital because without their support I would not be where I am now.”

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