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University of East London Students Visit The Factory



Students met with Director Jenny Holloway, who took students downstairs onto the Production Floor, beginning the tour on The Design Lifecycle, students were exposed to how a design goes from idea to final piece in store, taking notes; the students were then walked and talked through each step, given an example using the live factory floor as guidance. Meeting the staff, Fashion Enter machinists, cutters and pattern cutters spoke through their role and where their function fit into the design lifecycle.

Jenny then took the students into The Fashion Studio where they were able to witness production on a much smaller scale, whole garments being created by one machinist and the fine processes of each machine. Leading on from this the importance of Made in Britain became a popular talking point of the students, keen to show the importance of British manufacturing and manufacturing skills, Jenny then introduced the students to The Stitching Academy and Apprenticeship programme, students were able to examine students on the machine, creating garments and have a look through portfolios to see what the courses entail.

“It was so eye-opening.”

If you would like to visit Fashion Enter for an educational visit, please contact jenni@fashion-enter.com

Find out which other universities and colleges have paid Fashion Enter a visit here: http://fashioncapital.co.uk/index.php/Services/TheFactory.html

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