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                  September 2004 – Newsletter

For the Members, September 2004 is now on-line. You will find many new ideas of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, interior decoration, pictures per areas, video, market information, what’s in stores, Hot in magazines,…

This Autumn special report is focusing on Ura-Harajuku styles :
Ura-Harajuku is the main fashion area for Japanese in their 20’s. Hidden in the back (“ura”) streets of Harujuku, a bounch of small boutiques offer the latest trends and styles. This Autumn, www.fashioninjapan.com focus on the current Ura-Harajuku style. From deconstructed ladies fashion to layered men fashion, you will understand in this report how the young Japanese create their own style in order to be unique but trendy. We advise
you to look at all the pictures because the mix of details and clothing is the latest trend.

If you want to be ahead in fashion, sign up now to www.fashioninjapan.com!
 want to be ahead in fashion, sign up now to

This month NEWS & TRENDS keywords :

This month NEWS & TRENDS keywords :

Market Info : Tokyo Department Stores sales down 2.7% at 128.7 billion Yen, Isetan Men sales up 20% to 37 billion for its 1st year, discount store Kimuraya file for bankruptcy protection from creditors, new record : 69 days over 30 degres in Tokyo in 2004, average financial assets hold by households reached 13.98 million Yen… Members have access to all the detailed information.

Clothing : leopard, tweed, poncho and shawls, mix of sexy tops and dressy skirts (erogance), use of kimono’s print on top or layered, opened white dressy large-collar shirt, woven tags, processed and customized Jeans, printed and graphic t-shirts, big checks, patchwork of materials and motifs,…

Shoes : Ugg Australian shoes, white Cowboy boots, long brown boots with black socks, flat used leather,

Bags : belt below the hips, customized bags, badges, large flat canvas backpacks,…

These are just few among the several new trends that you will find on www.fashioninjapan.com.

As you know it is difficult to describe styles… So the easiest way if to see pictures ! That is the only objective of www.fashioninjapan.com, to show you the latest fashion trends through 600 monthly updated pictures of clothing, shoes, bags and accessories, interior decoration, products inside the stores. If you want to access the Member Section, you can register on-line (only Professional email address will receive a Free Trial 48-hours temporary password. We will not accept emails from hotmail, yahoo, aol, wanadoo, free… accounts).

They speak about us and we thank them ! enter here.

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