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Kingly Court the final chapter


Kingly Court – The final Chapter

In November 2003 the LFF opened its doors for business at 1.12 -1.13 Kingly Court off Carnaby Street, London.  Following consent from the dynamic team at Shaftsbury Management, the retail outlet was made available on a rent free period for three months. Little did we know on the night of the launch party that the boutique would remain open for a total of 20 months – an unprecedented success for new and emerging designer talent in London.

It wasn’t an easy initiative to commence, manage and conclude.  There was never a designated budget available for a shop refit, promotion, advertising et al but the LFF were blessed with an abundance of innovative designer talent that was quickly spotted by numerous press and stylists. Absolute credit here to Kiki Athanasiou, the Retail Manageress, who was fully committed to making the shop work and also to Teresa Seow who provided invaluable weekend cover.    

In just a few months of launching, designers were snapped up by the latest press fashionista including Italian Vogue, Telegraph, Sunday You Magazine, OK, Hello, Cosmopolitan, Evening Standard, Metro – the list goes on and on, providing valuable columns and inches for all the designers and of course Kingly Court itself.  Without doubt during the near-on two years of occupancy the LFF significantly raised the profile of each designer showcasing at the boutique and also the Kingly Court retail complex within the fashion industry. 

Whilst retail footfall was not high into the three tier retail setting at Kingly Court and sales were relatively flat but steadily increased the enormous exposure provided by press and stylists far outweighed any negativity and here the LFF would like to gratefully thank Simon Quale Property Director, Donna Lambert Communications and Public Relations and Shelly Webb Residential and Kingly Court for all their amazing support over the last 20 months.

It was regrettable that the LFF boutique at Kingly Court came to somewhat of an abrupt end; it was disheartening to return from a two-week break to be notified that the shop has ceased trading but then, that’s fashion for you!! The Shaftsbury Management Team are now converting the one unit into two independent units that need to be commercially viable and hence our departure

The Bluewater LFF boutique however is a totally different story!  Bluewater is the premier shopping mall in Europe with high footfall from consumers with a high propensity to spend but a lower spending power than that of Kingly Court.  Sales at Bluewater are significantly higher than at Kingly Court but then this is no surprise. The LFF have again negotiated a rent free period with Bluewater that was initially for just three months due to terminate January 05. Long may this venture continue! Thanks again here to The Bluewater Management Team and Debbie Gardner in particular for their outstanding support. 

So that’s it – the final chapter of Kingly Court and we leave with a tear in our eye!  The LFF will be contacting each designer directly and all press and stylists enquires should be forwarded directly to the LFF head office.

London Fashion Forum.

London Fashion Forum House

First floor

28 Station Approach


BR2 7EH.


Tel:  020 8462 1475

Fax: 020 8462 2440




Again, many thanks to Simon, Donna and Shelley at Shaftsbury for allowing the LFF to experience the Kingly Court Boutique for the past 20 months.  Now…what’s the next chapter?


Jenny Holloway

Industry Advisor

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