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Feedback From The Fabric Appreciation Workshop


Sourcing fabric and understanding their properties is a vital part of the design process and an element many designers have very little knowledge of. The implication fabric can have on manufacturing, costs and lead time is imperative to the success or failure of a collection.

As former Fabric Technologist for Marks & Spencer Deborah explained the differences between natural, manmade and blended fabrics. She gave lots of information about the properties and characteristics of different fabrics and how these relate to the cost and quality of the fabric.

Offering her expertise, Deborah advised that when looking for a fabric mill, you must ask yourself what is the country of origin and what implications could this have?  How can you ensure that bulk production costs the same as the samples?  How can you ensure continuity throughout?  Deborah also highlighted that customers may not often realise it, but the quality of the fabric impacts the cost of the garment as well as the wearability and aftercare.

fabric appreciation workshop oct 17

Deborah Shulton talking knits

Following the workshop feedback included:

‘The seminar has helped me understand the importance of knowing the different weaves and knits, the composition and properties of fabrics.  This will help with the work on Brutus! Fantastic seminar, very informative with clarity. My understanding of fabric composition / properties have just been raised to a high level.’ Margaret

‘I have learnt the complexity of fabrics!!  A basic understanding of fibres, fabrics and yarns. Fantastic seminar, very knowledgeable speaker.’ Cat

‘Very informative workshop.  I learnt about using the right types of fabric for different garments. I gained a better understanding of properties, composition and production of fabric. Very helpful information.’ Josephine

The next Essential Workshop takes place on 9th November The Importance of Branding and How to Sell Online. Aaron & Harriet Rudman-Hawkins, The Evergreen Agency. To book your place email jenni@fashion-enter.com

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