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One to Watch: A.W.A.K.E


Naturally, she has applied her many years of fashion knowledge and expertise to craft a brand that champions a contemporary and directional aesthetic. Natalia’s objective for the label is to create an intimate and individual expression through collections of clothing that delightfully evoke conceptual, storytelling aspirations alongside echoing a sense of commercial capability. 

Each garment is wonderfully distinctive, thus adopting a life of its own, a quality that has been injected through the designer’s passionate handicrafts. Staple designs throughout the collections include signature timeless shirts, wonderfully tailored coats and must-have dresses that all embody a strong yet balanced vision, whilst attaining an organic and natural edge. Ultimately, A.W.A.K.E’s focus is on classically elegant tailored pieces with the additional charm of instilling evocative details throughout. 


A.W.A.K.E SS18

A sense of compelling eccentricity contributes to the unique brand, where one will notice an amalgam of references that are seen on many of the contemporary pieces that include animals, historical figures and characters from the world of art and film. Further inspiration is delivered in the form of Japanese art and culture, where a cohesion of imagery represents timeless land, ancient customs and contemporary living. Adopting a strong feeling of Orientalism, Natalia’s collections are infused with a galvanizing dose of Eastern Asian essence. 

Standout garments include beautiful tunics which feature expansive sleeves, with broad, waist-clasping belts and daringly alluring suits with elevated armholes that melodramatically skim the wearer to create a voluminous silhouette that captures attention from the shoulder to the ankle. Further items comprise of waffle sponge obi style capelets, which is extracted from Japanese style dressing and is seen emblazoned with traditional woodcut prints. This addition is indicative of Natalia’s ability to incorporate interesting elements to an otherwise western aesthetic, differentiating A.W.A.K.E amid a sea of fellow fashion labels. 

An innovative and prevailing example of beautiful, idiosyncratic fashion, A.W.A.K.E is a fast emerging brand that is catching the attention of industry editors and style influencers alike. An abbreviation for All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm, the name resonates a captivating appeal that confidently stands tall amid a fusion of upcoming fashion brands.


Images courtesy of A.W.A.K.E

Words by Katie Farley

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