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Sustainability Starts With A Great Fit


According to recent research from Danish TV program Operation X, H&M is said to have incinerated an estimated 60 tons of new, unsold garments since 2013. Although H&M Group denied the allegations, the fact remains that almost all global retailers, fashion houses and producers face a great challenge in the handling of the unsold items they have as they rise to tons in weight every year.

nader pattern cutting alvanonSustainability in fashion has become a core issue and there is a real need to achieve. Simultaneously, there is a blind resistance throughout the garment design cycle, high and low, and many have yet to change their unsustainable ways.

It is also a fact, that although industries invest a lot of money in technology and quality control for all stages and materials used, still the problem grows exponentially.

What is the link missing in this equation? I have written many articles and devoted all my life in the research and development of solutions to this end.

However, it is from an angle that may raise some eyebrows if brought forward. The truth is that the recipient and most important player in this equation is the Consumer. Consumers have stated very clearly in every possible poll or research paper that they want quality and good fit.

So terms like MTM, 3D emerged and are being used to lure us from the result we are expected to buy. That as an excuse, since there is no pragmatic outcome towards producing the desired effect, or may be even showing understanding of what it is that we want.

The desired target eludes us all! Until when? I will draw your attention to some excerpts from an article recently published at the textiles skills academy site, that puts the finger firmly on the problem.

Save the world with a great fitting pattern! “Fit is the most important factor when developing a garment but this has disappeared from our high street with the emergence of mass produced ready-to-wear, fast fashion flooding stores and boutiques since the 1980’s.

In the world of fashion we discuss ‘Zero Waste’ as the industry continues to over produce cheaply made disposable products of which 60% ends up in landfill.

We mourn the loss of skilled labour as our work forces diminish to a situation where we no longer make things but merely consume.”

No more needs to be said. We at Telestia make this unrealized dream come true for all those that really care. We address those that care to benefit from it and help benefit both consumers and the industry.

Why don’t you join us on this unique course – The Online Pattern Cutting Course – Telestia Creator for Perfect Fit and Style with Fashion Enter, designed for professionals who care. See you on the 6th of November.

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By Anastasia Vouyouka founder and designer of Telestia – an online distance learning programme for fashion and clothing skills developed by SITAM-AB.

For further information, costs and availability please contact: education@fashion-enter.com

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Anastasia Vouyouka


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