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The Online Pattern Cutting Course – Telestia Creator for Perfect Fit & Style


Telestia was originally created as an online distance-learning programme for fashion and clothing skills developed by SITAM-AB. Founder Anastasia learned her business skills through studying a Business Studies Course at the City of London Polytechnic as well as taking training in a Pattern Cutting & Fashion Design in Italy, not the least all her life with her talented mother. 

In the ’80s SITAM-AB developed a wide range of bibliography based on the patented AB methods and tools for the teaching and practice of Pattern Making, Grading and Fashion Drawing. 

In the ’90s it developed a wide international network forging links and collaborations within and outside Europe. It developed and participated in many European co-funded projects, at least 6 with great success, and international awards for innovative approach.. 

With these projetcs the innovative learning materials were transferred into digital content using state-of-the-art technology and multimedia in a pedagogically effective way. The resulting Telestia materials were launched in 2004, pioneering in the development of eLearning training courses, Distance-Learning and blended learning materials for both classroom environments as well as for tutor-supported self learning.

The Online Pattern Cutting Course – Telestia Creator for Perfect Fit and Style is a unique course that will deepen the learner’s understanding, enabling them…

– To make Perfect Basic Blocks for any body shape variations.

– To draw Technical Specs for any design or body shape.

– To check and correct the interpretation of your pattern styles.

The course covers 3 core disciplines:

– Pattern Technology

– Technical Design

– CAD Application

and consists of 16-weeks online study and 5 class meetings to be held at the Fashion Technology Academy in Haringey, North London.

Telestia flyer nov 17

Here are a few testimonials from previous Telestia learners:

‘Educational, informative but also pleasurable – this doesn’t happen often these days. Will be good practice regularly. Many, many thanks.’David Chantry – Senior Lecturer

‘I learned pattern making at a private school, but the course of Telestia explained to me even better how patterns are drafted. The relation to the body and its proportions is portrayed very vividly.’ – Iris Warwas from Definitely Maybe GmbH

‘Thank you for the great eLearning course. I’ve learned a lot and now I can offer my customers patterns cut with the best possible fit.’ – Kristin Kahmeier from Piexsu

If you are a designer, pattern maker / cutter looking to upskill and create perfect fit garments every time then this is the course for you.

The course will commence from the 6th November for further information, costs and availability please contact: education@fashion-enter.com


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