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One To Watch: Shone Puipia


Originating in Bangkok, Thailand, Puipia was immersed in a highly creative upbringing with both his mother and father being visual artists. A passion for creativity was adopted early on, where Puipia attended art events and embarked on frequent travels with his parents and was often seen doodling in sketchbooks. Years later, the young designer to-be received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts for Fashion, where he attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Most recently in 2016, Shone graduated from the MA programme. 

A person who champions the saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’, the designer’s sartorial pieces do all the necessary talking. His designs capture the vibrant personalities that characterise his womenswear collections. In Puipia’s Master display, entitled “The Wild Bunch”, Shone continues to explore the woman’s identity, where she is awaiting transformation and is forever evolving. The collection is inspired by a series of photomontages of dream sequences by Grete Stern, a German avent-garde photographer as well as the monumental installations crafted by American contemporary artist Sarah Sze. 

Puipia’s creations also follow Peter Weir’s 1975 mystery drama ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’, which depicts an adventurous group of Victorian schoolgirls who are keen to explore the uncertain wilderness of Hanging Rock. Encompassing the juxtaposition of Victoriana elements and pieces that evoke a sense of sensuality and sexuality – the girls “wild” side is exposed. 

shone puipia

An awe-inspiring arrangement of fragility and roughness collide in sartorial harmony. A riot of colours and textures are showcased, with floral and animalistic elements blended into a surprising range of materials. Hand embroideries, needle felting, and handwoven fabrics all contribute to the variety of Shone Puipia’s impressive dexterities. 

Gathered cotton shirts, sheer linen flares, glossy black leatherettes, elongated knits, velvets, detailed Victorian-style neck collars, metallic, frayed denim and a delectable explosion of multi-colored mohair’s and feathers make for a wonderfully wild collection.

Words by Katie Farley

Images courtesy of Shone Puipia

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