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Campaign for Wool 2017


Coinciding with Wool Week (throughout October) 2017 the initiative encourages collaboration between an international community of woolgrowers, major fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers, artisans and interior designers. The Campaign has been instrumental in educating consumers about the versatility of wool, and reconnecting them with its myriad uses, from luxurious fine merino knitwear and cloth through beautiful hardwearing interior products to fire-retardant insulation for the home.

wool week venue

Wool Week plays host to many events, film screenings, talks, retail offers and of course exhibitions; one of which is Wool Fusion featuring photography, fashion, flooring, fabrics and furnishings. Held just a stones throw away from Selfridges London, on Baker Street, the exhibition celebrates the versatility and beauty of wool in the most innovative of ways. From sculptural lampshades to textural wall hangings and of course plenty of fashion, there is plenty for the eye to admire. The exhibits, curated by Arabella McNie, present wool in an art gallery-style setting and includes an installation of a suspended wool chair within a cat’s cradle.

wool exhibition 

wool week fashion

In the fashion arena pieces range from designers and well-known high street brands such as Jack Wills, Christopher Raeburn, LeKilt, Belstaff and many others. So why wool? Well, this long established yarn is natural, renewable, biodegradable, naturally insulating, breathable, resilient, trans-seasonal, odour resistant and in more recent years it has become easy to care for as well. The reasons are endless as the HRH The Prince of Wales states: “Wool is a product that the most brilliant boffin in the most hi-tech laboratory could never create.” And word is his Daughter-in-Law Kate is keen to get involved with the initiative as well.

wool lollies

Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand on an international scale, and its efforts have seen an outstanding threefold increase in the price farmers receive for their wool.

wool horse

wool lampshades

To visit Wool Fusion or to find out about the Campaign for Wool events near you visit: www.campaignforwool.org

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