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Thomas Radomsky’s story starts in Italy in Fiera, Milano, where he visited the Lineapelle Leather Fair. At the entrance to the hall there was a strong aroma of raw leather. He asked one of the Italian leather manufacturers if leather manufacturing was an environmentally friendly process? His answer was surprising. He said leather manufacturing is definitely not environmentally friendly, but it is not a problem for Italy anymore. The manufacturer replied, light heartedly, “a few decades back rivers in Italy were changing their colour due to the dyeing processes being used, and the problem has been solved because production had moved to China”.

From that moment Thomas decided to design products that solved this problem. All materials he uses are a greener alternative to leather maintaining the highest possible quality. His aim is to continue the trend, producing luxury goods ecologically. The result is his brand Thomas Nox, which creates wallets and accessories handcrafted in north London without animal materials or derivatives.

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The initial range includes a luxury premium, wallet to keep your cards organized and easy to access, while still having a minimal design, making it comfortable in any pocket. Thomas Nox’s Leatherette products are scratch-resistant, waterproof, animal and environmentally friendly and degradable.

Thomas nox wallets


thomas nox cork walletThe Thomas Nox’s cork products are produced from thin cork shavings obtained directly from the bark of the cork oak tree adhered onto a coagulated PU fabric which is animal and environmentally friendly, degradable and greener alternative to leather. The material is extremely flexible, soft, waterproof and stain resistant.

Nowadays, with contactless cards living in so many wallets, scammers are thinking up new ways to deprive you of your hard-earned cash – like carrying point of sale scanners to try and mug you contactless style. Thomas Nox’s wallet has you covered, as it’s equipped with RFID blocking technology.

The wallets are not only scratch-resistant, but they don’t buckle under pressure, which means your cards won’t bend if you sit on them. There is also the option to add a name, initials or a message or to create something super unique for that special person even if that person is you!

With the first designs developed the Thomas Nox brand needs your help – your funding will help to expand the brands production in London, to create new sustainable products and to create new jobs for talented people in London. Only with your help can Thomas Nox achieve something great!

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