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Five Minute Interview with Funmi


At last February’s London Designers Exhibition Funmi launched her very first collection entitled ‘Ocean Spray’. A former student from Central St Martins Funmi has been building up her industry experience and contacts working with the likes of – Anna Sui in New York and Jemima Khan in London. Now, Funmi is ready to take on the big, bad world of fashion with her latest Autumn/Winter 2004 collection that is inspired by travels, the sea and adventure.

Q How and when did you begin your label?

A I started my label in the winter of 2002, I was tired of working for people who took credit for my work. I decided to make a capsule collection, and to show at the Designers Exhibition during London Fashion Week.

Q Describe your style and the type of customer attracted to your pieces?

A My style is very feminine and colourful, I love prints and textiles. The type of woman who buys my clothes has a strong sense of style and individuality.

Q Have you always wanted to become a fashion designer?

A Yes, my grandmother is a great dress maker who encouraged me to be creative with fabric ever since I was tiny.

Q Tell us a bit about your Autumn/Winter 2004/05 collection.

A The collection is inspired by water, its movement, the colours, the life surrounding the seaside. I wanted to create a fun, unintellectual collection.

Q Do you plan to show at London Fashion Week this September, or any other trade shows?

A Yes, I plan to show at London Fashion Week again. (19 – 24 September)

Q How do you feel about the fashion industry as a whole in the UK?

A I feel that it is very strong and that there are so many talented designers pushing the boundaries of fashion. But, there is no support to help and promote UK designers. It is very hard to earn a living designing in this counrty.

Q What inspires you?

A My inspiration comes from events in my life, travelling, reading and the interesting people that surround me.

Q Current stockists/online boutiques?

A Dispensary, Euforia, Marais, Tigerlily, Budha, Island, Penelope.

Q What one thing would improve your working life?

A A great assistant.

Q Future plans for the label?

A To expand into childrens and homewear ranges.

Q Funmi quote of the day…

A Live your dreams.

JoJo Iles


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