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What Other Organisations Say About Us…


Over the last fifteen years Fashion-Enter Ltd (FEL) has worked with a wide cross section of organisations within the fashion industry that acknowledges and appreciates the work that is undertaken by FEL.

As a genuine not-for-profit concern FEL has the good fortune to have a wide network of industry contacts that include retailers, fabric agents, axillary organisations such as printers, software agents and trimming agents as well as other social enterprises that FEL supports.

It has taken years to develop the contacts because FEL has to deliver what it states.  FEL is only as good as the last contract it performs on and the subsequent success derive for the clients that they serve.

FEL CEO Jenny Holloway stated: “FEL is an unusual company as it very much straddles the private and public sector and this was the aim. There is nothing worse than having social orientated programs that require funding year-after-year. If a good idea has merit and legs then that program needs to have pump prime funding to start off with then it needs to be sustainable.

“I absolutely hate that feeling of having to go around with a begging bowl for money and I also dislike how protectionist other organisations can act too. Now that COVID is hopefully behind us now is the time that we should be collaborating more and more within the private sector. There is so much benefit for the big guns of retail to work with social enterprises as we can bring transparency and openness to trade that benefits everyone involved.”

FEL is proud to work with such a wide cross section of organisations and their support has been invaluable to its growth and success. 

The following letters of collaboration and support shows the extent to which FEL has strong ties and positive perceptions from other organisations that thus aids it’s growth and reach into the industry.

Jenny further commented: “Thank-you to every single person and company that has supported FEL and we look forward to working with you further in the years to come. There are challenging times to come in this sector but we are all far stronger together.”

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