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Westminster Uni Students Take An Insightful Tour of the Factory


Fashion Buying Management students from Westminster University visited the factory today, 17th October 2018, for an insight into the garment production process. 

We welcomed two cohorts of students and they each received an overview of the company by Development Director Jenni Sutton who explained how all of the different areas operate and what makes the Factory ethical and compliant. The Production Director Caroline Ash then went into further detail taking the students through each process of the garment life cycle. The tour enabled the students to understand first-hand what it really takes to create a garment and the importance of working with ethical manufacturers. 

The students were engaging and a pleasure to show around the Factory with many asking interesting and intelligent questions. 

Here are just a few comments following the tours: 

“It was my first time in a factory. I now have a clear understanding of the many steps to produce a garment and the possible difficulties that can occur in this process. Very insightful, thank you!” Claudia

“It was really interesting to see how a factory works in London! I learnt all about the life cycle and supply chain of a garment, also about legislations and slave labour.” Alice

“Really appreciate the visit, couldn’t have asked for anything better!” Chiara

“I have learnt the process of making a garment. It is great that this factory is so transparent and open to share everything!” Diya

“So much information! Really enjoyed the day! I am planning to run my own business in fashion one day, I will definitely collaborate with you!” Valentina

“This field trip was very enlightening and educational.” Esi

“Wonderful opportunity, great to see the inner workings of an apparel factory. Great to see fashion manufacturing is possible in the UK for fast fashion.” Diana

We look forward to welcoming Westminster University again next year. 

If you would like to learn more about our Factory Tours click here.

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