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Triumph Needle To Support & Sponsor New Leicester Fashion Technology Academy


As announced in January 2021, leading training provider Fashion-Enter Ltd has teamed up with Leicester City Council and local clothing company Ethically Sourced Products Ltd to develop a new textiles skills centre – the FC Fashion Technology Academy Leicester (FCFTA Leicester). 

Leicester has the second largest concentration of textile and fashion manufacturing businesses in the UK. Recognising the importance of the industry to the local economy, the city council is investing £300,000 to help set up the pilot project to offer apprenticeships and accredited training for people working in the local textiles industry. The new academy will also look to work closely with local textiles and fashion manufacturing businesses to review standards and compliance.

Due to open this summer the long-established Triumph Needle Company Ltd is supporting the new training hub by setting up and sponsoring all the machinery equipment for the FCFTA (Leicester).

With over 60 years history the Triumph Needle Company began by offering sewing needles and later trimming knives into the footwear industry. Steadily the company grew and increased the product ranges offered to include sewing machine spare parts, scissors and shears from leading European manufacturers with an emphasis on quality and reliability.

Alan May, Sales Director at Triumph Needle, started as an apprentice sewing machine mechanic for Bellow machine company in 1979, it would seem working with sewing machines is in his blood, his 88-year-old mum worked in various shoe factories in Leicester when she left school at 14, almost up until when Alan arrived. Alan comments: “I remember an apprenticeship was always what you went in for, having seen the apprentice sewing machine mechanic post at Bellow machine I went for the interview. My mum said people will always needs shoes & clothes (I forgive her for not mentioning Chinese production) I got the job and started the following Monday. I personally get frustrated at the BAD press the sewing trade gets, NOT just in Leicester. To produce a garment is a skilled operation (try getting any MP on a sewing machine and ask them to sew a straight line.) We need to alter the perception that most people have of working in a sewing factory, and this is why we at Triumph Needle are more than happy to help get this of the project off the ground.”

CEO of Fashion-Enter Ltd, Jenny Holloway adds: “The support from Alan is so appreciated. We are training a new generation of stitchers and therefore equipment needs to be the best latest models that the market has to offer. Our stitchers are going to be trained to use all state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines that are the right specs for quality garment manufacturing today. Thank-you again Triumph Needle for your generous donation.” 

The new FC Fashion Technology Academy Leicester is due to open in summer 2021 with delivery of an initial taster programme. To register to receive more information about the FC Fashion Technology Academy Leicester, email Fashion-Enter Ltd at education@fashion-enter.com or visit the website at www.fcfta.com

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