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Trends Analysis – The N17 Creative Callings Way!


With over 60 participants signed up for our Zoom seminar on the 23rd April 2020 (the most to date) we were delighted to have such an informed session on ‘Trends’ with Lauren Morrison who has been in the fashion design and retail industry for over 15-years. Part of the N17 Creative Callings agenda the informative seminar targets creatives working and living within the London postcode area of N17, the two-year programme is supported by the Mayor of London and the European Union.

Lauren commenced her masterclass for employers by reviewing the need for micro and macro trend analysis and what affects the design life cycle. By using Covid-19 as an example there was quality advice regarding survival of the fittest for these challenging times; cash flow is certainly king today. The impact of Covid-19 has also resulted in somewhat of a backlash with Chinese made products and pushed the demand for UK made, slow fashion products higher. All-important areas to consider when creating and designing your own collections.

Beth, our Head of Creative, was also online supporting Lauren with the presentation which included detailed slides of forthcoming trend themes, colours, fabrics, silhouettes and design details. In response to the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown one of the trends Lauren discussed was ‘Staycation’ – stylish, stay at home clothing that ticks all the boxes in terms of comfort, easy to wear, soft fibres that retain an element of chic.

Lauren talked in-depth about key trends for Autumn/ Winter 2020 and Spring/Summer 2021. From the rise of technical fabrics and subverted tailoring to inspiration from past eras such as the clothing worn in the long-running series ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ She also provided a brand case study ‘Lisou’ to show how a bestselling style can be evolved by a seasonal change of colour, print, detail to extend its life span.

Another trend on the rise was reconstructed fashion, old turned into new, a scarf turned into a coat for example, the idea of reworking an old item of clothing and adding in handcrafts such as crochet, knit and applique. This trend fits with the increased number of individuals taking up sewing and crafts during this lockdown period, even The Great British Sewing Bee has switched to BBC1 after five seasons on BBC2.

Following the presentation there was a lengthy Q & A session where there were a host of salient questions raised about colours and future trends v signature of handwriting for brands. 

The feedback was so strong from this N17 Creative Callings masterclass that we are now offering a Monthly Trend Forecasting service that will be a paid service by Lauren to the users of FashionCapital! From little acorns! 

Thank-you all for engaging today. This was an excellent event and look forward to the next session with Nigel Rust on Budgeting, Finance and IP on Thursday 30th April 2020.

Lauren’s talent and expertise in trends resulted in some excellent comments and feedback: 

“On this seminar I gained insight into the trends for SS21.”

“I didn’t know the trends for SS21 so it was useful to view the forecasted trends.”

“Lots of points to bear in mind.”

“I found all the trend information and the current macro trends (due to coronavirus) useful.”

“The whole session was well presented and informative.”

“Great presentation. Thank you for your time and effort.”

If you have just started or are looking to grow a small business in the Tottenham CEZ area, then please get in touch and we will advise on how N17 Creative Callings, supported by the Mayor of London and the European Union, can help you and your business. Contact Esme: esme@fashion-enter.com

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