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Brexit Workforce: EEF National Manufacturing Conference 2018


Today, Tuesday 20th February, Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion Enter & FashionCapital, will be joining the likes of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn alongside twenty + speakers at the EEF National Manufacturing Conference 2018 – ‘Global Britain: Change, Opportunity, Growth’.

The full-day agenda will discuss industry challenges and opportunities, celebrate growth and tool-up for the year ahead. Brexit and the future of British trade and business is such a hot topic of debate and as a result the conference became booked-out weeks ago.

The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn will address delegates and take questions about his plans for a future Labour Government. He will describe the party’s economic plans, which he says will offer hope and change to an economic system that “simply is not working”.

Jenny will be joining Jason Muller, Global Manufacturing Director of Lush and Cormac Watters, General Manager Europe and Executive Vice President at Infor for a workshop panel session chaired by Tim Thomas, Solicitor, Director of Employment and Skills Policy, EEF Ltd.

Titled ‘Support and sustain your post-Brexit workforce,’ Jenny will discuss the importance for EU nationals employed within her own company due to the lack of stitching and manufacturing skills within the UK labour market. She will also touch on Britain being responsive to changing market conditions and the importance of having skilled employees and practices in place to ensure a speedy and competitive turnaround. She will also mention the Fashion Technology Academy and how training initiatives with Job Centre Plus and apprenticeships are filling the skills needs of the future. Throughout Jenny will openly discuss the hurdles she has faced and the strategies she has developed to overcome these barriers.

Each panel member will need to answer these 3 questions:

  1. How do we, and indeed Government, get the balance right between enabling employers to recruit from a global talent pool and investing in the domestic workforce?


  1. There’s no silver bullet to fixing the skills shortage in manufacturing. But if you could just point to one thing that would help manufacturers secure talent post-Brexit what would it be?


  1. Do employers need to up their game when it comes to recruitment? Are manufacturers forward thinking in their approach to finding talent?


On speaking at the event Jenny comments:

“I very much welcome EEF inviting us to speak at the conference today with regards to supporting and sustaining a post-Brexit workforce, however we now need to concentrate on action and implementation.

“With Brexit now around the corner in March 2019 we are facing a ticking time-bomb with skills training. We need to herald the importance of skills training and the new proposed T-Levels, which are to have esteemed parity with A-Levels, these must be implemented effectively and quickly.”

Across the day the conference will comprise of 4 workshops, keynote speeches and networking and will round off with an exclusive drinks reception and black-tie Conference dinner at the Hilton, Park Lane with high-profile guest speaker Jeremy Vine.

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