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‘Stitch in Time’ Opens A New Chapter


Back in the summer of 2009 Fashion Enter devised the ‘Stitch in Time’ project, which offered hands-on, career opportunities in the fashion sector to the unemployed. The project saw Fashion Enter join forces with the Bridge New Deal for Communities (NDC) in collaboration with the Career Development Group, and the Employment Theme Manager for NDC, Geoff Hollett, played key role in making the project happen.

Zoom forward almost a decade and Geoff was back at Fashion Enter HQ in Haringey this week (21st March 2018) to discuss further training projects targeting new regions in the UK.

Geoff with Angela, Jenny Holloway and Katerina Kleopa at The Factory

Fashion Enter CEO Jenny Holloway comments: “We have come along way from the early days of 2009 when we were just two years old. Geoff is an ex-headmaster and really cares about education and learning and when we were at Mavros House we worked on training programmes to help manufacturers. Wind forward 10 years and now we are looking into working with Geoff again with Angela by opening a training provision. From little acorns!”

More on this new training provision soon.

About the Stitch in Time Project:

‘Stitch in Time’ is a project devised by Fashion Enter, a fashion industry training organisation and is supported by the Bridge New Deal for Communities, Haringey Council and the Florentia Clothing Village in Seven Sisters for all unemployed people residing in the Haringey area aged from 16 plus.

The training will take place at Fashion Enter where clients include leading etailer ASOS.com and top British label Jaeger. Trainees will initially be assessed and if they are suitable will be given two weeks intensive introduction into the fashion industry followed by two weeks work placement with a local garment manufacturer. Formal training, work based training and then continual personal development are all implemented during the course to give the best possible grounding for each student.

A survey carried out by Fashion Enter and the Florentia Clothing Village showed that 23 of the companies in the village were currently looking to employ up to 47 people locally if they had the necessary skills.

Jenny Holloway, Director of Fashion-Enter said: “The current credit crunch has been good for manufacturers in the clothing industry as a lot of work has been returned to the UK from abroad due to the fall in the value of the pound.”

The project will start on Monday 27th July 2009 and to launch the programme the Rt. Hon Stephen Timms MP will be making a special guest appearance to Fashion Enter and the Florentia Clothing Village on 24th July to review the facilities available.

This level of support demonstrates the potential success this project could bring to the local residents of Haringey. ‘Stitch in Time’ is set to break the current trend in unemployment by creating fresh opportunities combined with the necessary training to get ahead in the industry.

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