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N17 Creative Callings: Silver Rox goes through the Stratosphere!


Having held the fourth meeting with Gary today, 27th April 2022, at Haringey it was an absolute pleasure and genuine delight to see how much Gary has progressed in just a four month period. 

In just 16 weeks Gary has achieved:

These N17 Creative Callings programs that are as individual as the participant are amazing! Fashion-Enter CEO & mentor Jenny Holloway commented: “The only way business support works for creatives is to really get under their skin and get to know their strengths and weaknesses and where we can really help to make their creative genius work. I am so proud of Gary. He has just absorbed knowledge and skills in record breaking time and he has had sales, press and a huge increase in followers as you can see here!

Tap to view Gary’s TikTok video’s and following

I have no doubt that a star is born – Gary and his brand Silver Rox is one to watch for the future.” 

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