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N17 Creative Callings – Business Profile – Negin Shadmanesh – Embroidery & Hand Embellishment


My name is Negin. I would like to explain about my art and how I improved in this field. First of all, I initially learnt all about hand stitching when I was at High School. When I went to Technical Vocational School I was faced with a variety of key subjects in fashion and design. It was then that my interest deepened in the fashion industry, I was taught a range of skills from pattern cutting to fashion sketching and illustration.

After this initial introduction I entered the Technical Vocational University and carried on with Fashion and Design to the highest level of skill. At university we had many choices for example: dress design, embroidery, pattern cutting etc. By the second year of study I understood that embroidery was my favourite subject and I could adopt a personal style because with hand stitching you can be more creative and unique.

At the end of the year I had a 3-month apprenticeship and it was so useful for improving my skills because I learnt how to manage my time on my work. The apprenticeship was in bridalwear and each person had their own specific job, for example I worked on hand-stitching lace fabric with beads or sequins. Also during this time I worked at home for myself, designing and making dresses.

A few years later I came to the UK and I was introduced to the Fashion-Enter Factory and Fashion Technology Academy. Here I passed Sewing and Textiles Level 1, and Pattern Cutting (Telestia Pattern Cutting) Level 1. I really enjoyed the courses because the tutors were so professional and had wonderful teaching techniques. I was really satisfied because they helped me and that has led to further opportunities for my skills.

After a year I decided to start my own specialist business, it’s called ‘Termeh’ and it specialises in embroidery and hand embellishment services. I am now receiving further business support and guidance via the N17 Creative Callings programme to ensure that the business is a success.

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