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Innovate UK KTN: Digital Modernisation of Textiles and Fashion


On the 9th February 2023, Innovate UK KTN delivered a Digital Modernisation of Textiles and Fashion event at the Henry Royce Institute in Manchester. 

Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway attended and spoke at the event to discuss proactive ways forward for the fashion and textiles sector.

Innovate UK KTN aim to connect business, government, funders, research and third sector to drive forward change through innovation.

Jenny commented:

“Today was an inspiring and honest event; one where the frustrations of the industry, the vibrancy of graduates and the reasoning of universities and BSO’s rationally discussed opportunities.

There was rhetoric of course and summaries of what the industry knows are issues including:

– Lack of appreciation of how skilled our manufacturing industry is, both in fabric and garment making 

– How we need to ensure universities offer more skills and career opportunities across the sector, not only the designer route

– How retailers can really support change by investing in Made in UK and not chasing pennies around the globe 

– How funding needs to reach those on the ground in industry and not the same old tin-shakers! 

– That there’s a lack of knowledge about advancements made by SMEs – if we don’t innovate then we don’t survive 

“However, the meeting was fab! There was a great can-do and can-change attitude towards digitalisation in the first part of the workshop that took place. 

“Credit to Innovate UK KTN for this proactive event. Our table of newly graduated students was inspiring! They are our future!”

Fashion-Enter Ltd is privileged to have excellent technological innovation at its Haringey manufacturing facility that includes Optitex, Kornit Digital, Zund UK and Galaxius Systems, the ethical micro-factory concept is here and it works! Tap here to find out more.

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